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2014-07-07 12:00:31 by DreamingWooper

Sooo I didn't expect to become so popular so quickly? I knew adult things did well but I didn't expect to be in the first row of 'popular' and get a bunch of messages or anything. I actually don't have time to answer all the messages, however, a question I'm getting a lot of is "Do you take commissions?" and the answer is yesSo this post is about my commissions, how to get ahold of me, and how you can support me if you do not want commissions. 

First of all, I offer prints of most of the work I put up, located on my Adult Art Redbubble

Secondly, commissions.

You can message me on here, but I prefer if you email me at (this is also the email for my paypal) to give me details and discuss the commission. Most of what you commission will not fit the standard prices below perfectly, which is why I insist that you discuss with me before sending any money.

What I'll do: 
- I work in digital media, usually a semi anime/realistic style, I can do Chibi, Fanart, Original Characters, NSFW, male and female, or non "adult" art. Furries are fine as well. If you're not sure whether or not I'll do something, just drop an ask.

What I won't do:
- Rape, Non consent, or sexual harassment, realistic, Lolicon.

How to start a commission:
- Send me a message OR email me at and please title it "commission"
- Type of commission:  Whether it's waist up or full body, NSFW...
- Who the character is/character description:  What are they from, are they original, what are some simple personality traits, what are some colors and foods they like that you might want included.
- References:  I'll need pictures of what they look like, what they wear (if they're wearing anything), what their hair and body type is, what pose you want, expressions, that sort of thing.
- Whether or not you want a background.

2. If I decide that I'll accept your commission, I will further discuss the piece with you and make sure I understand what it is you want and how you want it. After I'm confident I know what I'm doing, (because of recent events) I'm requiring $5 for the rough sketch for you to look over, and the price of the rough draft will be deducted from the overall end cost of the art. If that goes well, then you send the full payment (minus the rough draft cost). I'll let you know how long I expect the commission to take. When I'm done and I've received full payment, I will send you the final image without watermark, full size, high res and all that jazz, to your email.

By commissioning me, understand and agree that you may not use any of the in process works (the sketches and line art if I send that) for any purposes, and you cannot claim any of my work as your own or profit from the art (without permission specifically given to you), and if it is posted anywhere it must have me credited. Also, I have the rights to post it on my own sites with use of water marks, but you will hold the copy without the watermark.

3. Payment:
- I only accept Paypal. 
I expect you to cover all transaction fees.

Ballpark prices:

Bust shot (per character):
$10 Sketch
$15 Sketch and Flat Colors
$20 Line Art
$25 Line Art and Flat Colors
$30 Cell Shading
$35 Simple Coloring/Shading
$45 Detailed Color/Shading

Waist up is (per character):
$15 Clean Sketch
$20 Sketch and Flat Colors
$30 Line Art
$35 Line Art and Flat Colors
$45 Cell Shading
$50 Simple coloring/shading
$60 Detailed color/shading

Full Body (per character):

$20 Clean Sketch
$25 Sketch and Flat Colors
$40 Line Art
$45 Line Art and Flat Colors
$55 Cell Shading
$60 Simple Color/Shading
$70 Detailed Color/Shading

Backgrounds (Depends on Complexity):
Very Simple Color Gradient/Smokey is Free
Simple $10 and up
Detailed $30 and up

Comic Pages (Per Page) (Depends on Complexity):

Penciling - Between $15-30 USD
Inking - Between $25-45 USD
Coloring (flat colors) - Between $15-30 USD
Coloring (Color and Shading) - Between $30-45 USD

If you want me to do multiple things for comic pages, you must ADD the two costs together. (For ex. if you want me to pencil AND ink a simple comic page, the cost will add up to $40 USD)


Other things that up the price (I reserve the right to add anything I see fit at any point):

Extra/Excessive fluids, Multiple people/characters, Demanding muscles or anatomical positions, view of inside any orifices

So if you're interested in commissioning me, message me here or my email mentioned above, we'll discuss and I'll either decline or accept.

Have a good one! :D


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2014-07-07 12:04:22


I'M GONNA BE So fucking poor...


2014-08-11 21:13:31

Hey, I'll definatley hit you up. I just need to get my money this week some point and If I had a thousand dollars I'd give it to u! haha.

DreamingWooper responds:

Alright, cool! : 3 No rush, and thanks for the compliment, haha! X3